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With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George

“With No One as Witness” by Elizabeth George.   The 14th long-winded professional pairing of plummy Acting Superintendent Thomas  Lynley and abrasive Constable Barbara Havers (A Place of Hiding, 2003, etc.).   All hell breaks loose when darling young white female impersonator Kimmo Thorne is found dead with burned palms, a bloody symbol on his forehead and a missing navel. Turns out New Scotland Yard is only now cottoning to the work of a serial killer, although three other lads, all black, have died in like fashion. To stem accusations of institutional racism, Assistant Commissioner Sir David Hillier promotes Winston Nkata to sergeant, displays him during press briefings, and insists that Lynley, nominally in charge, allow profiler Dr. Hamish Robson any information collected and that a tabloid journalist be imbedded with the incident team. Lynley, Havers and Nkata identify the dead boys and follow leads to Colossus, a kids-at-risk operation whose do-gooder staff and.           


With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George

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