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Videos That Teach by Doug Fields and Eddie James

Videos that Teach by Doug Fields and Eddie James.

More video clips from recent movies to teach today's youth groups through 'visual parables' For better or worse, movies are the storytellers in our postmodern time. But that means they are also powerful resources for youth workers to use in communicating the gospel--or the lack of it--to the kids in the church and the kids in the world. Best-seller Videos That Teach took youth groups by storm. Now Videos That Teach 2 adds 75 more clips from recent movies that youth workers can use to illustrate topics they teach all the time. These 'visual parables' are perfect for illustrating the point of a lesson or discussion. Indexed by subject and Scripture references, each clip comes complete with summaries of the movie and the clip, start and stop times, Scripture references, and discussion-starter questions. Features include: * Summary, start-stop times, Scripture references for spring boarding a Bible study, and discussion-starter questions * Ratings of all movies and summaries of all clips * Primer on how to use movie clips to their best effect in youth groups * Topic and Scripture reference indexes




Videos That Teach by Doug Fields and Eddie James

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