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Those Preachin' Women by Ella Pearson Mitchell

Those preaching Women by Ella Pearson Mitchell, Editor. The fourteen women whose sermons appear in this book and Dr. Ella Pearson Mitchell, the editor, are symbols of a courageous new generation of black women ministers. They are women who have overcome the cultural biases of church and Society to take their places in pulpits of many denominations. In a very special way, this book is a tribute to all a woman of all generations who have answered God's call to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. In her introductory remarks Dr. Mitchell comments on the future role of women in the church: "We still believe that God has prophesied our Liberation; God has declared what he will do in us and with us and we know that it will come to pass."

Those Preachin' Women by Ella Pearson Mitchell

SKU: ISBN 0-8170-1073-4
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