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The Natural Weigh by Vanessa Allen MD.

The Natural Weigh by Vanessa Allen MD.   A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Weight Loss.

In this alternative guide to weight loss, Vanessa Allen, MD, offers a sustainable program that incorporates nutrition, exercise, and spirituality to foster not just short-term weight loss but also lifelong wellness. While fad diets offer a bit of transitory success, the twelve-week plan outlined in The Natural Weigh focuses on lifestyle changes that will sustain long-term weight loss. Focusing not only on the body but on the mind and spirit as well, the program walks you through how patience, encouragement, and stress management can be incredibly beneficial-in fact, essential-to permanent weight loss. By addressing some of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle-fatigue, time management, rebellion and more. This guide promises to soothe away common fears and struggles by providing the spiritual, emotional, and physical tools you need to lose weight and keep it off. This book provides the perfect blend of practicality and encouragement for anyone on a weight-loss journey.

The Natural Weigh by Vanessa Allen MD.

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