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Sugar Ray by Sugar Ray Robinson with Dave Anderson.

Sugar Ray, by Sugar Ray Robinson with Dave Anderson.   This book was a library book donated.  Jacket in tact.   Called by a majority of experts" pound for pound" the best boxer ever a ring, sugar Ray Robinson is securely one of the most glamorous figures of our  time. Most people know that he grew up in the depression in the ghettos of Detroit and New York;  that he rose  meteorically  through" amateur"  fights to the Golden Gloves, to two World Championships I near third;   that he lived high, wide, and handsome. "In the old days Sugar Ray sailed for Paris on the Libertie with.  an entourage of seventeen including a masseur and barber."   But what about the other Robinson? The kid who is terrified of elevators. The young GI who, together with Joe Louis, did what he could in the early 1940s to combat racial discrimination. The postwar champion who refused 1 million to dollars to dump the Graziano fight. The boxer who dreamed one night that he would kill his opponent in the ring- and did, the following night. 


Sugar Ray by Sugar Ray Robinson with Dave Anderson.

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