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Straw Dreams  by Cynthia E. Johnson

Straw Dreams  by Cynthia E. Johnson

This story is about one family's rocky and spirited journey through adolescence into adulthood in which they strive to overcome the obstacles of their past and lovingly embrace their respective futures. Told primarily through the eyes of the middle sibling, behold as they battle the manipulative and wicked tactics of their jealous stepmother whose obsession is to crush their kindred spirits. It takes the readers through a maze of intrigue as the siblings are confronted with issues involving love, betrayal, success, and even death. You'll be astonished as pieces of haunting family secrets begin to unravel and astonish them. It's an exuberant novel that combines inspiration, suspense, romance, and drama.  Straw Dreams will cause every person to examine their desire for happiness, and their heartfelt yearning to live life to the fullest and accomplish one's most passionate dream. The message of Straw Dreams is one of forgiveness. It's about learning to forgive in order to loosen the ties that bind you and proceed in fulfillment of your dreams.

Straw Dreams  by Cynthia E. Johnson

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