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Precious Gems in the Tabernacle by  D. R. Hicks.

Precious Gems in the Tabernacle by  D. R. Hicks.   The Mosaic Tabernacle is the most detailed picture of the LORD Jesus Christ that is found in the Bible. This book reveals the perfect spiritual Stature of God’s only Begotten Son that all believers in Jesus Christ should strive to attain. The Mosaic Tabernacle is God’s divine blueprint of His Only Begotten Son in whom He has put all Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge. By studying the types and shadows of the first Tabernacle, with its High Priest, we gain a greater understanding of the second and more perfect Tabernacle, the LORD Jesus Christ. The LORD Jesus Christ is our spiritual High Priest, after the eternal order of Melchizedek, which the Unbegotten LORD God ordained and appointed. He is the most Precious Gem that God has given to mankind. This book has been translated into many languages, and thousands of copies of this book have been printed. Its message reaches around the world, showing people that the LORD Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. This is the most detailed study of the Mosaic Tabernacle in print.



Precious Gems in the Tabernacle by  D. R. Hicks.

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