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Mother and Child by Baby's First Book

Mother and Child by Babys First Book.   A very nice book. It is written by more reputable sources then many baby book (a board of 4 actual doctors and infant specialists) with better parenting techniques based on RECENT scientific research within the last 10 years on how babies develop and grow and what is best for them. It includes sections on baby massage, stages of development, and more. It even has pages to write your own notes in. This book is full of great advice on baby however it is shorter then many others (it is 115 pages.) so it is not as in depth with specific problems. However, being shorter makes it easier to read all the way through to give you a good overview of what you need to know and give tips on common problems. Over all great book with advice of what good for babies and how to deal with situations but not great at answering a lot of detailed questions just the basics. It's good for a starter book, another book may be needed to get more in depth.


Mother and Child by Baby's First Book

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