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Inside DC. Law Firms by Jean Renee Johnson

Inside DC Law Firms by Jean Renee Johnson. 

The Real Deal (From a Secretary's Perspective) is long overdue and is the first book of its kind. It is a tell-all about DC law firm experiences from several secretaries' perspectives. Although the book's genre is fiction, the stories are real and were inspired by actual occurrences. What makes the book so unique is that the stories are coming straight from the legal secretaries' mouths. Many of the experiences are hysterically funny, while others are unbelievable and quite pathetic; however, those who have ever worked at a law firm or at any company, for that matter, will be able to relate to these workplace experiences. With 36 years of experience as a legal secretary, the author's voice is that of experience. This book will be of particular interest to legal secretaries, while lawyers, office managers, human resource managers, and temporary/permanent placement agencies will undoubtedly find the book somewhat controversial.



Inside DC. Law Firms by Jean Renee Johnson

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