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Dead Watch by John Sanford.

Dead Watch by John Sanford.   The disappearance of a high-profile politician lights the fuse in Sandiford’s latest high-octane, low-logic thriller. Even after losing the Virginia governor’s race to Arlo Goodman and then losing his Senate seat to an undistinguished Goodman protégé, Lincoln Bowe has kept right on speaking out against Goodman and all his works—especially the Watchmen, a network of Goodman’s citizen-activists Bowe likens to neo-Nazis. Now Bowe has vanished after a typically fiery speech, gone missing in the company of some suits who spirited him away. Madison Bowe, his wife, is convinced that Watchmen were inside those suits. Bill Danzig, the president’s chief of staff, isn’t so sure. But he is convinced that whatever happened to Bowe, the story is explosive.    

Dead Watch by John Sanford.

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