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CELEBRATE!  by Inc. Staff Churches Alive

CELEBRATE!  by Inc. Staff Churches AliveEXALTING GOD IN PRAISE AND WORSHIP.  By Inc. Staff Churches Alive.   "Our God is an awesome God," goes the song.  And so He is. He is Creator of Heaven and earth, majestic and holy-yet personal, intimate, and truly understanding of our human needs and weaknesses. He is the Father of Jesus Christ, the reason for the Cross, and the power behind the Resurrection.  As the children of such an awesome God, we have much to celebrate. In Celebrate! You'll gain exciting insight into the God in you: His great desire for your love, why He is worthy of praise, and how to exalt Him using the unique gifts He has given you-the best worship of all. The GOD IN YOU Bible Study Series: If a camera could capture on film what's really in your heart, how would the pictures look? How would they portray God? How would they portray you? This book is a part of a series designed to bring out God in you-the God who created you and who now makes His home in you. No matter how many months or years you've called Jesus your Lord, these seven study guides will help you: 1) Grasp meaningful new thoughts from Scripture as you look at entire passages, not isolated verses. 2) Develop lifelong Bible study skills you can use with any passage.



CELEBRATE!  by Inc. Staff Churches Alive

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